Our Cleaning Method Statement

AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd in Taunton work to strict standards when providing cleaning services across the Somerset area.

Our Cleaning Method Statement

AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd in Taunton work to strict standards when providing cleaning services across the Somerset area.

Our Method Statement


The objective of this method statement/safe system of work is to provide general instructions to those responsible for doing and supervising AIS staff on cleaning the customer’s premises in a safe manner.  The aim is to ensure that access/egress is safe, and to ensure that subsequent working is safe in order to ensure any possible injuries are eliminated/kept to a minimum.


The scope of this SSW is the access of staff, visitors, contractors who move around site during cleaning operations is undertaken in a safe manner It will also have a bearing on those who visit site and subsequently undertake the cleaning operations under the site’s supervision.


The main hazards* include slips/trips and falls, electric shock, chemical hazards, cuts, falling objects, manual handling (sprains and strains)

General Safe System of Work:

  1. All staff being used on site will undergo the site induction, the first time they are on site

  2. All staff will use designated walkways etc. and follow the site instructions

  3. When moving to and from the workstation, the person is to make a judgement/dynamic assessment on what is feasible given the ‘traffic’ conditions at the time

  4. All staff operate a ‘clean as you go’ policy

  5. All electrical equipment has been PAT tested (if not new), especially if brought from outside the business (e.g., Hired in)

  6. The area is always signed or cordoned off when cleaning is taking place

  7. When using vacuums, always use the socket closest to the area you are working in, do not trail the lead down the corridor/over long distances

  8. The equipment is always inspected before use, with particular emphasis on cables, connections and guards etc.

  9. AIS operatives never try to repair any damaged equipment themselves

  10. Never have leads trailing across walkways. AIS staff should not block walkways or fire exits/extinguishers

  11. When using chemicals, the labels/safety data sheets are available; staff take the relevant precautions and wear the appropriate PPE to the chemicals used (as relevant)


  1. Empty waste bins into refuse sacks, replace bin liners as required and remove to designated collection point

  2. As required relevant PPE is worn

  3. No equipment will significantly block the work area.

  4. Ensure signage is displayed

  5. Wash/wipe windowsills, ledges, glass, doors etc

  6. Wash and sanitise sanitary ware, sinks, cupboards, tiles, and fittings

  7. Clean and wipe partitions, walls, and low-level pipes

  8. Polish mirrors, taps etc

  9. Once clean vacuum all flooring

  10. Dust weekly skirting where accessible

  11. Replace consumables hand towels, toilet tissue, soap etc.


                Toilet cleaning Risk Assessment

                AIS H and S Policy, Procedures and Safe Systems of Work

PPE Requirement/Hazard Information

It should be emphasised this is very much dependent upon the risk, of exposure, type etc. and will be decided during the work plan/method statement. The decision on what is required, should be taken by a competent person/site manager.