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High Level Cleaning

AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd offers a high level cleaning service in Taunton, Bridgwater, Wellington, Chard, Yeovil and the wider Somerset area.

Interior And Exterior High Level Cleaning

At AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd, we take pride in going beyond the services offered by most of our competitors. One of our specialist services is high level cleaning, taking care of all those cleaning jobs that are out of reach of most cleaning companies.

When your business operates from a high level building, such as a factory or a gymnasium, you need to take extra steps to ensure it is properly cleaned.

Higher areas within the property attract dust and dirt like everywhere else and - if this isn’t taken care of - they can pose health risks to you, your employees and your customers. To arrange for our team to take care of these difficult cleaning jobs, get in touch today.

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Cleaning Supplies
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What Can We Clean?

Our high level cleaning service covers:

  • Windows

  • Roofs

  • Guttering

  • High Level Façade  

  • Interior High Level Cleaning

We can carry out quality cleaning services at any level of your property! Just give the AIS team a call today.

Putting Safety First

As you can imagine, working and cleaning at heights comes with additional risk. As with all our work, safety is a key concern for AIS, and as such we work hard to ensure the safety of both our team and yours. All member of the cleaning team who will undertake the high level cleaning you need will be fully trained and highly experienced. We have appropriate insurance cover, operate in line with all industry best practice and HSE requirements, and have an excellent track record for safety


If you have any questions regarding how we work when it comes to high level cleaning jobs, please get in touch. We will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about who should clean your property.

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Cleaning Supplies

If you need high level cleaning services in Devon or Somerset, contact the team at AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd today.

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