Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Somerset

Taunton-based AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd offer deep cleaning services across the Somerset area.

Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Somerset

Taunton-based AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd offer deep cleaning services across the Somerset area.

A Complete Cleaning And Disinfection Service

As soon as we receive your call, we’ll arrange for a team of specially trained cleaners to visit the address. Our team will wear full PPE at all times and will work with you to set out which areas need to be addressed. Our undiscovered death cleans will include:​

Removal of any material or furniture contaminated with fluids or other hazardous waste.

  • Disinfecting walls and floors.
  • Removing any pests that have been attracted to the area.
  • Odour neutralisation.
  • Thorough Deep Cleans

    We all know that the world has changed in recent times. We are all far more aware of the threat posed by viral illnesses, and the importance of doing everything we can to keep them under control. While it must be said that there are no 100% guaranteed antiviral solutions available, professional antiviral deep cleaning can help to minimise the risks as much as possible, giving you and your team the best possible chance of staying safe at work. Here at AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd we offer an antiviral deep cleaning service to clients in Devon, Somerset, and across the South wWst. Please call us today to find out more about what we can offer.

    Antiviral Cleaning

    While we cannot guarantee the complete eradication of viruses, bacteria or other pathogens, we can guarantee:

  • Thorough and careful cleaning.
  • Professional antiviral cleaning agents will be used.
  • The chemicals used are non-toxic.

    We will do everything we can to help you protect yourself and your team from viral illnesses with our deep cleaning service.

  • Professional Cleaning

    We all know that we each have to do our bit to beat viral illnesses: washing hands, keeping your work area clean and clear, and so on. However, a professional cleaning team can help you to keep your work environment as clean and sanitised as possible, making it less likely that viral illnesses will be passed along due to the working conditions within your premises. If you’d like to learn more about our antiviral deep cleaning services, contact the team at AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd in Taunton today. We’ll be happy to help.

    How Do You Provide Coronavirus Deep Cleaning And Deep Cleans?

    At AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd we have an elite team of highly trained professional cleaners available to carry out complete Covid 19 and Coronavirus deep cleans and sanitisation throughout Taunton, Bridgwater, Wellington, Chard and Yeovil areas. We can provide deep cleaning solutions for properties, care homes, residential care homes, hotels, leisure centres, schools and colleges, universities, local authority offices, dirty environments, factory cleans. Our Deep Cleans Service ensures that the area is cleaned to exceptional standards using the latest technology and machinery.

    Our in-house cleaning teams have suitable PPE, safety equipment and strong chemicals to carry out thorough deep cleaning services to restrict or restrain Coronavirus for your property. We carry out a visual health and safety check and offer complete cleaning of all suspect areas using viricidal sanitiser, steam technology and appropriate commercial cleaning machinery where required.

    With the ongoing Covid pandemic and variants that are emerging it is crucial to maintain a clean and safe protective environment for your business. At AIS Contract Cleaners Ltd, you can be completely rest assured that we are experts in Coronavirus Deep Cleaning solutions in Taunton, Bridgwater and Somerset area.